Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome, Lavender


Come join me in my journey to a healthier life.  I am using Essential Oil's and home grown herbs in my everyday life and want to share with you what I experience and knowledge.  I don't claim to know everything about them but what I do know I want to share.  Good or bad it doesn't matter.

I love my herbs.  I love to grow them, smell them, cook with them, and share them.  I am quickly falling in love with Essential Oil's.  Their smell and benefits.  I want to share with you the different things that I know about herbs and oil's.....which as time goes on will be a lot as I love to research and try things.  

So to start lets learn about the first Essential Oil that I tried - 


Oh my goodness do I love this oil.  It smells so good.  And I have been using it every day for a week now....ever since I got it.  It is a strong smell right out of the bottle but so pretty too.  I diffuse it at night for my son to help him get to and stay asleep.  He is 7 and asks for it every night.  I use it as well with a few other oils to help me sleep a little better, but I will get into that in another post.

For my son the first few days before we had a diffuser we rubbed 1-2 drops of the oil on our hands then right onto his pillow and then put the case back on...we also put a drop or two on the bottoms of his feet some nights.  Both ways seem to work equally as well but he likes the diffuser better....but then again it has lights.  For the diffuser ours holds 6ml of water and takes 5-6 drops of the oil.  For him though I usually only put 4 drops in cause it is quite strong. 

You can rub this oil directly onto your skin but for children it is recommended that you dilute it in a carrier oil first.  Which is simple to do so we did. 

I even diffuse this oil during the day as it does tend to calm me down a little. So if your gonna start with just one oil start with this one.  But please understand that it is a strong smell and may take some time to get used to or to feel it's effects.  Everyone will react differently to each oil.  This is just how my son does with it....I will explain next how I deal with it.

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