Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunburn relief

If you only knew how often I forget to put sunscreen on. We will just say a lot. So what do you do when you get a sunburn. Put aloe on it?  Sure that works but what about something more natural and let processed?

This is what I use. I know your saying what is it. Well it's a spray bottle with natural oils in it of course.

20 drops of lavender and 20 drops of peppermint mixed with either water or a carrier oil like coconut oil. 

See the peppermint helps with the pain with a cooling effect and the lavender helps the healing process. Apply this right away and every few hours.  

A day later have another container with frankincense and lavender made the same way to help heal faster.

Got blisters?  Add melaleuca to the mix this helps with the open wounds that can form with blisters.

Use a dish like this one to mix an all oil mix instead of the bottle to get a better more even coverage.  Just dip your fingers in and rub gently.  You can use the spray bottle for all oil mixes but I like to use those for water mixes.

Not only is this not green and sticky it's more natural for you and smells nice. So give this a try next time instead and see what you think. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Restless Leg

So are you like me and suffer from restless leg at night?  Last night was a particularly bad night. See I recently started karate and it seems that my body likes it except on the nights I don't have class. I've tried stretching my leg with no relief. 

So last night I decided it was time to try some oils. I put about a half a tbls of coconut oil in my hand and added 2 drops of AromaTouch to it, and rubbed it all over my upper leg where the RLS seems to start. Since my knee bothers me from karate I rubbed there too. Then it was off to bed. 

I can barely believe it myself but after over an hour of suffering the oil worked in practically seconds and I laid back down to no RLS and was able to get some sleep. 

So do I recomend this?  I do. It has a subltle smell and worked fast. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ear infection help

Got an ear infection?  I do.  Still taking antibiotics for it but they don't help much for a day or so so what should you do till they kick in?  Use oil's of course.

What kind of oil's?  Well Basil is one of them.  But it is important to use this right. NEVER EVER put oil's into your ear. 

Well now that that important bit of information out of the way on to how you do use it. 

Take a cotton ball and add 2-3 drops of basil to it and hold it too your infected ear and rub it along the outside.  The vapors are what is going to do the work here.  Repeat this every 2-3 hours. 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Herb Garden 2015

Irish Gardens is finally in PA.  We aren't up and running yet but maybe next year.  This year is all about the family and getting some stock plants.  So what was my first plant purchase?  Herbs of course.  I love herbs.  With all the smells, colors, and uses they have whats not to love. 

In the pot pictured above is Lemon Balm, Chocolate Mint, and Tri-color Sage.  A word of caution not a mix I would recommend to a novice.  Why?  Well Lemon Balm and Chocolate Mint are both in the mint family and grow fast and can spread so the Sage if not properly kept in check will get over shadowed.  But of all the herbs that were pot ready at the local greenhouse these are my favorite. 

Need reasons to get these herbs? Well as the season moves on I will be posting ways to use these and more herbs.  But to start how about some lemon tea?  Or a chocolate mint mojito?

So what will your first purchase of the 2015 gardening season be?

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Got a cold?

One of my new favorite oil's On Guard.  A protective blend of oil's that help prevent or lessen the effects of colds

They now come in cough drop form.

So when I get a cold I usually get knocked on my butt.  Which for a mother of 2 is never a good thing.  I can get ear infections easily and usually run high fevers and am moody and well just plain miserable.

So what was different this time?  Well let me tell you.  To begin with at the onset of symptoms I started with the On Guard drops.  They helped keep the cold to a very tolerable level.  I was just sleepy and ran very low grade fevers if any at all.  I did get an ear infection too but again no fever and yes some pain but could have been far worse

So why would I tell you about this if I still got sick and an ear infection?  Well cause it worked.  I was able to function the whole time I wasn't sleeping.  My throat hurt for a day not days.  My ear infection hurt for a day but not intolerable like usual but I used oil's for that too - solution to come in another post.

So what would I recommend? On Guard of course.  It has a nice citrus smell to it so it's uplifting as well as protective.  At the first onset of any cold like symptoms I recommend either diffusing it or using the drops.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015


So did you know that cedarwood oil is good for more than just smelling wonderful?

I have always loved the smell of cedarwood.  But as an oil it's good for anxiety and even eczema.

In fact it is good for other skin disordered and skin care in general.  As well a wounds

What do I use it for?  Well I use it at night to help me sleep a little bit better along with some serenity.  Although it isn't known for chapped dry skin I put a drop on my chapped dry hands before I add lotion and man besides relaxing me does it work.  No burning or anything, just soft wonderful smelling hands. 

Have I mentioned I love the smell of this oil?  It's an amazing oil that really does bring a relaxing feeling to me.....and brings back memories of my child hood.  You know cedarwood chests and stuff like that to keep the moths away. I just love it.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A new ADHD blend

So my son has ADHD and although he is on medication I am trying to find a blend of oils that can do what his meds to with out the side effects. 
 These two:
Lime and Vetiver combined with some fractionated coconut oil in a roller bottle is working a little. 

An even amount of drops of each oil in a small roll on bottle are mixed together and applied to the back of the neck.  It is a bit of a strong smell and some find it unpleasant so I add a drop of lavender to the back of the neck as well. 
The question you are asking it working?
Well yes and no.  It is helping a little but he still needs his meds.  But you never know everyone is different so this combo may work for you or your child so give it a shot.