Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Did you know that amoung the other things I have talked about Lavender is also good for itchy hives?

This oil is so versatile that it has tons of uses....I mean it's crazy how many uses I am finding.

But see what happened was my son had an allergic reaction to cats and although we needed to give him some benydryl his hives were still itching and bothering him so we applied some lavender oil to the spots and the itching stopped almost made the rash it's self disappear.

And as a bonus it was evening so it helped my son sleep as well. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finally some good sleep

 I saw a post for a Essential Oil blend for insomnia.  Now I do sleep just not that well, and not the whole night through.  And not very well.  On average I get less than 5 hours of sleep each night usually closer to almost 3 hours.  As a Mother of 2 very active children this is not an ideal situation.

So anyways I see this post for a insomnia blend and thought well although I do sleep maybe this could help me sleep better.  Maybe even longer.  And I am all for that. 
This blend is of 2 oils - Roman Chamomile and Lavender and then 1 oil blend - Serenity. 

Serenity actually has these oils:
Roman Chamomile
Sweet Marjoram
Ylang Ylang

I know your thinking if it has Lavender and Roman Chamomile in it why add them to the blend.  You know what?  I have no idea but it worked.  I tried using the Serenity alone and although it was a wonderful smell it didn't work as well...but this blend...2 drops from each bottle into my diffuser worked great.  I slept just over 5 hours and felt like I slept just over 5 hours.

As in instead of sleeping 3 and feeling like I was awake all night...

In reality all I care about is the quality of sleep not the quantity.  I am glad I have these oils and saw that post too.  I have tried each on there own but don't like the smell of the Roman Chamomile and although alone the others helped a little they didn't help as well as this blend did.    Give it a shot if you have the oils and let me know what you think.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Itchy bites no more...

How much do you hate mosquito bites?

Me a whole lot.

So last night I got a few bug bites and I had read that lavender can help with that so I added some diluted lavender oil to my bug bites and guess what?

Yup you guessed it the itchy feeling almost instantly went away.  And stayed away.  It was fabulous and my hands smelled like lavender, not some medicine.

How did I dilute it you ask?

Well I add about 12 drops of lavender to this bottle and then some carrier oil...me it was coconut oil.  Using the eye dropper I simply drop a few drops to the bites. Rub it in and off I went.  These bottles are great when diluting in carrier oil cause you can control how much you use.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

ADHD takes a backseat.....

InTune - Oh yea this baby here has helped my son with his ADHD a lot.  He is still on medication but this seems to counteract some of the side effects of that medication.  He is more attentive, social, and happier with this blend on and seems to eat just a little bit more. 

It has a bit of a woodsy smell that takes a little getting used to but all in all I like it. It is a blend of Amyris, Frankincense, Lime, Patchouli, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood (HI), Ylang Ylang.

We roll it on the back of his neck each morning and he is good for the day.  Some days we reapply in the evenings when he gets home from school but not all the time.  Because of the strong smell I am going to try adding some lavender to his neck to see if that helps as it is another oil that can be used for ADHD......

So if you have focusing problems add this to your wish list and give it a shot....you may just be surprised how well it does seem to work.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tranquility and Balance

Here is a great Essential Oil Blend that I use everyday.

It's called Balance and it is a Grounding Blend.  It has a great woody scent.   I wear it on my pendent and sometimes I even put it on my wrists.  It is a very relaxing blend.

I diffuse it at night to help me rest but wear it during the day to keep me calm.    I love it.

My son has ADHD and we use it on him as well to help keep him calm on rough days.
I have Depression and Anxiety and it seems to help me on my rough days...which is why I wear it every day just in case.  

Balance is a nice blend of Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense, and Blue Tansy oils and in a base of Cocoanut oil and is known to relax the whole body

Diffuse it with Lavender at night for a really nice scent and relaxing blend.  Especially if you aren't crazy about the strong Lavender scent when it is blended with Balance all I usually smell is just the Balance with a slight hint of Lavender.

Since it is in a base of a Carrier oil there is no need to dilute it but if the scent is too strong go ahead.  I use it both ways....some days I use a diluted batch others like for the pendant I use it out of the bottle.

Basil gone Pesto

Ahh this has to be my favorite variety of basil ever.  It is extremely beautiful to look at and wow.......smells just like a pesto sauce. 

It's not like other basil's.  It does not come in seed form you have to propagate it....or better yet just go to a reputable plant store that sells a good variety of herbs and buy it there....it's better that way. 

It can get bushy like some of the other basil's do if you prune it often but it is a bit slower growing that some of the other basil's. 

When you prune prune just like you would any other basil and cut the tops off.  Dry them and save for a spaghetti day.  Oh yea I said spaghetti....add a little of this herb to the sauce and man oh man does it make that sauce taste great.

Use this like you would any other basil but do be aware that it is a pesto basil so it may not go with your salad.....but hey why not give it a shot....you may like it.