Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Got a cold?

One of my new favorite oil's On Guard.  A protective blend of oil's that help prevent or lessen the effects of colds

They now come in cough drop form.

So when I get a cold I usually get knocked on my butt.  Which for a mother of 2 is never a good thing.  I can get ear infections easily and usually run high fevers and am moody and well just plain miserable.

So what was different this time?  Well let me tell you.  To begin with at the onset of symptoms I started with the On Guard drops.  They helped keep the cold to a very tolerable level.  I was just sleepy and ran very low grade fevers if any at all.  I did get an ear infection too but again no fever and yes some pain but could have been far worse

So why would I tell you about this if I still got sick and an ear infection?  Well cause it worked.  I was able to function the whole time I wasn't sleeping.  My throat hurt for a day not days.  My ear infection hurt for a day but not intolerable like usual but I used oil's for that too - solution to come in another post.

So what would I recommend? On Guard of course.  It has a nice citrus smell to it so it's uplifting as well as protective.  At the first onset of any cold like symptoms I recommend either diffusing it or using the drops.

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