Saturday, January 10, 2015


So did you know that cedarwood oil is good for more than just smelling wonderful?

I have always loved the smell of cedarwood.  But as an oil it's good for anxiety and even eczema.

In fact it is good for other skin disordered and skin care in general.  As well a wounds

What do I use it for?  Well I use it at night to help me sleep a little bit better along with some serenity.  Although it isn't known for chapped dry skin I put a drop on my chapped dry hands before I add lotion and man besides relaxing me does it work.  No burning or anything, just soft wonderful smelling hands. 

Have I mentioned I love the smell of this oil?  It's an amazing oil that really does bring a relaxing feeling to me.....and brings back memories of my child hood.  You know cedarwood chests and stuff like that to keep the moths away. I just love it.

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