Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunburn relief

If you only knew how often I forget to put sunscreen on. We will just say a lot. So what do you do when you get a sunburn. Put aloe on it?  Sure that works but what about something more natural and let processed?

This is what I use. I know your saying what is it. Well it's a spray bottle with natural oils in it of course.

20 drops of lavender and 20 drops of peppermint mixed with either water or a carrier oil like coconut oil. 

See the peppermint helps with the pain with a cooling effect and the lavender helps the healing process. Apply this right away and every few hours.  

A day later have another container with frankincense and lavender made the same way to help heal faster.

Got blisters?  Add melaleuca to the mix this helps with the open wounds that can form with blisters.

Use a dish like this one to mix an all oil mix instead of the bottle to get a better more even coverage.  Just dip your fingers in and rub gently.  You can use the spray bottle for all oil mixes but I like to use those for water mixes.

Not only is this not green and sticky it's more natural for you and smells nice. So give this a try next time instead and see what you think. 

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