Saturday, May 3, 2014

Basil gone Pesto

Ahh this has to be my favorite variety of basil ever.  It is extremely beautiful to look at and wow.......smells just like a pesto sauce. 

It's not like other basil's.  It does not come in seed form you have to propagate it....or better yet just go to a reputable plant store that sells a good variety of herbs and buy it's better that way. 

It can get bushy like some of the other basil's do if you prune it often but it is a bit slower growing that some of the other basil's. 

When you prune prune just like you would any other basil and cut the tops off.  Dry them and save for a spaghetti day.  Oh yea I said spaghetti....add a little of this herb to the sauce and man oh man does it make that sauce taste great.

Use this like you would any other basil but do be aware that it is a pesto basil so it may not go with your salad.....but hey why not give it a may like it. 

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