Sunday, May 18, 2014

Itchy bites no more...

How much do you hate mosquito bites?

Me a whole lot.

So last night I got a few bug bites and I had read that lavender can help with that so I added some diluted lavender oil to my bug bites and guess what?

Yup you guessed it the itchy feeling almost instantly went away.  And stayed away.  It was fabulous and my hands smelled like lavender, not some medicine.

How did I dilute it you ask?

Well I add about 12 drops of lavender to this bottle and then some carrier it was coconut oil.  Using the eye dropper I simply drop a few drops to the bites. Rub it in and off I went.  These bottles are great when diluting in carrier oil cause you can control how much you use.....

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